Direct Mailing Services

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At Brite Star, we offer the complete range of direct mail services for your marketing efforts, comprising mail preparation as per the specifications of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), postage metering, bulk mail handling, and shipping. We have long-established expertise in all types of Mailings, we can help you make use of our bulk direct mailing services to best meet and exceed your goals.

Our Direct Mailing Services

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)-Certified Solution
  • Sort and assign the right postal code to your mail lists, utilizing the most updated address information databases of the USPS for quick address verification
  • Help identify “undeliverable” or dubious addresses
  • Cut down cost related to undelivered mails
National Change of Address (NCOA)-Based Mailing List Update
  • Direct mail campaign list update as per the USPS database that check for businesses or people, who have registered an address change in the last 4 years
  • Saves time and money on printing & postage
Ink Jet Technology
  • Allows precise bar coding and addressing to meet the USPS addressing standards and guidelines
Standard Mail-Qualifying Mail Design
  • Mail pieces with clear spaces for permit imprinting, addressing, and barcoding to make them eligible for Standard Mailing Service Class
Automated Inserting
  • Multiple pocket inserters with inline folding, metering, collating, sorting, and sealing.
  • Helps ensure maximum possible postage discount for your direct mail advertising.
Safe Bundling & Delivery to the Post Office
  • Secured bundling as per the USPS guidelines to ensure bundle integrity and address visibility
  • “Perfect bundles” for delivery in the shortest possible time and to avoid any break open during the processing
  • Safe and timely delivery to the post office

Why Choose Us?

Designing & Developing Collateral

To assist you with your Direct Mail Marketing, we can plan, design, and develop enticing and impactful pieces of marketing collateral as well as ensure that they reach your target audience successfully, either at their homes or businesses. Depend on us for your direct mail printing needs.

Providing Mailing Lists

Bank upon us for the best suited mailing lists. We make sure that we arrange/buy different mailing lists for different sets of potential customers. Our experience in this field helps us bring you what is relevant to your business in terms of your email audience.

Impressive Packaging & Logistics

Not only can you put the word out in the most impressive way with BriteStar’s direct postal mail service, you can also be sure of our packaging & logistics to bundle & deliver the mail to the post office effectively in time in the best condition.

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