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Promote, nurture, and sell better with Brite Star’s email marketing services. Run email campaigns that generate and convert leads effectively. Opt for the most cost-effective way to reach out, engage, nurture, & convert selling opportunities and retain customers. Connect with us to take your selling a step further.

Best Email Marketing Services for Businesses of All Sizes

When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of beaten paths you can find. As much as they are affordable, they also usually land your emails in your user’s spam folders or end in an unsubscription. The good news is that email marketing services no longer have to be cost centers. With Brite Star, what you will have is a revenue center.

What you need is beautifully written emails that convey the right marketing message to the right audience at the right time. The aim of an email campaign is to sell and that is what we help you achieve. We develop funnels that drip valuable content and information to your prospect/existing customers right as and when they need it.

Why Choose Us?

Intelligent Segmentation

Segmentation is essentially the soul of email marketing. Nobody wants their inboxes clogged up with emails they have nothing to do with. Segmentation helps businesses avoid that. Clear segmentation on the basis of factors like demographics, prospects, repeat business, etc., makes the emails more valuable for your customers.

User Behavior Research

The best of email marketing companies emphasize the importance of user behaviour at all stages of the campaign. What times are your recipients most likely to access and read their emails? What is the optimal email size they are comfortable with? Do they respond well to images oriented emails? Our user behavior research covers all that and more.

A/B Testing for Best Results

We believe in making things better constantly and consistently. Our A/B testing ensures that we keep making everything in our email marketing campaigns better and better still. Starting with multiple versions for your business, we ensure that we reach a point where everything offers optimal results.

Personalized Content

Trust our copywriting experts to craft the most effective email copies for you. The fact that there are no standard email templates that work everytime, we personalize the content as often as it may be needed to make the copy resonate with your audience.

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